Listening to the past...Part 1

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is a perfect title for this blog post. 

It's also comes from the name of the Brownie Girl Scout Try-it, Listening it the past 

 With our upcoming trip to my hometown, I thought this was the perfect time to work on this patch.  She needs to complete 4 out of 6 of the activities.  
  1. Community Stories – listen to and share the stories of some of the oldest people in your community.
  2. If These Buildings Could Talk – visit historic buildings, monuments, and sites in your neighborhood (just what you are doing now!)
  3. Visit the Oldest Cemetery – visit a cemetery and learn some interesting facts as you look about, make rubbings, and search for different things.
  4. Tell Stories of the Past – learn and share two stories written in the past or about the past (there are lots of very interesting stories to learned here!)
  5. Acting Out act out a scene from the past involving an historical or fictional character. 
  6. Games of the Past – learn to play a fun game of the past and teach it to others! 

Throughout the week her and I are going to work on this and prepare for what needs to be done in NJ.  I can't wait and neither can she.  I post next week when we come home with her finished work!

I finally did it!

After many moons I finally have all the information to finish my DAR application.   I have spoken to a different chapter where I feel much more at home with.  I just have to pick up a few more documents from my father next weekend and I'm good to go!  Once I'm approved I plan on starting my daughter's application into the CAR :) 

After all my hard work I'm excited to finally be at this point.   Once I get the paperwork for my father the waiting will begin.