Genealogical Gems: Hiding in Plain Sight

Sunday, November 12, 2017

picture originally found on for the conference.  
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 I attended my first Genealogy conference a few weeks ago here in Virginia.  My family and I were at the local library when I noticed a poster for the poster for the VGS annual conference, Genealogical Gems:  Hiding in Plain Sight.  I don't normally get to spend a day on myself so I jumped at the opportunity to attend!  I figured why not?  It was practically in my backyard.

I spent the day on Track 2 which featured Sharon Cook MacInnes, PhD, CG from Her presentations included:
  • Researching State Land Records for the 20 State-Land States: Deeds & Tax Records
  • Researching Federal Land Records for the 30 Federal-Land States, Including Military Grants.
  • Getting the Most Out of Ancestry.
  • Using the FAN Club to Tear Down Brick Walls.
Now I have to say, I thought I had done pretty well following my family history in New Jersey.  There were some ancestors who I thought I had "finished" (finished as I thought I would ever get with them ;) ) and boy was I wrong!  Now granted it will be a bit before I can get up to the NJ archives to start digging again, however, I'm excited to make another trip up to Jersey to tackle more land records!   
In the meantime, I will be searching Virginia land grants.  I already found the original land grant for my neighborhood!  It's so neat to see the land exchange hands between the crown and the original owners.  Plus I now know how some roads got its name.

Stay tuned for what I find thanks to my new found knowledge!  

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