Tombstone Tuesday: Morris D. Babcock 1904-1971

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This week for Tombstone Tuesday I had my daughter's friend help me choose an ancestor to post.   She choose #64.

Morris D. Babcock, my 2x Great Uncle on my mother's side.  Son of William Babcock and Adeline Williams.  Morris was 1 of 4 children.  His siblings were Herbert, Wilbur, and Lela Mae, my Great Grandmother who my daughter shares the same middle name.  He is buried in the VanBlarcom -Babcock plot.

Morris D Babcock
b: 25 JUNE 1904 
d: 9 OCT 1971

Clarence Van Blarcom (Gr Grandfather)
b: 26 SEP 1894
d: 15 AUG 1983

Lela M VanBlarcom nee Babcock (Gr Grandmother)
b: 10 AUG 1889
d: 1 APR 1983

William Babcock (Gr Gr Grandfather)
b:  22 APR 1870
d:  1 DEC 1941

Addie Babcock nee Williams (Gr Gr Grandmother)
b:  24 AUG 1872
d:  21 FEB 1952

Herbert Babcock (Gr Gr Uncle)
b:  14 JUN 1892
d:  DEC 1958

Buried in North Hardyston Cemetery,  Hamburg, New Jersey

January Birthdays

Sunday, January 8, 2017

10 JAN 1776 Phebe Angle
20 JAN 1866 Jonas Babcock
10 JAN 1787Elias Chardavoyne 
5 JAN 1663 Francis Cooke
12 JAN 1804 Gilbert Drew
19 JAN 1670 John Eddy
4 JAN 1683 Joseph Eddy
17 JAN 1824 Easter Edsall
3 JAN 1724 Jacobus Edsall
12 JAN 1843 James Edsall
17 JAN 1812 Mary Edsall
24 JAN 1829 Samuel B. Edsall
26 JAN 1780 Sarah Edsall
2 JAN 1724 Susannah Howard
JAN 1604 William Hunt
1 JAN 1710Vrouwtjen Kipp
JAN 1857 Frank A Lawrence
JAN 1890 Horace Riggs
JAN 1879 Martha Rude
2 JAN 1884 Fred Stewart
2 JAN 1836 William Reynolds Stewart
13 JAN 1695 Experience Sweeting
7 JAN 1781 Martina Terhune
JAN 1873 Walter Vreeland
JAN 1860 Louis Williams
JAN 1859 George Willis
JAN 1891 Addie Burke
30 JAN 1804 Sib bah Cooper
30 JAN 1755  Jesse Dennis
JAN 1869 Hattie Drew
JAN 1868 George Loren Dutcher
JAN 1867 Lillian E Havens
11 JAN 1822 Mary Mitchell
JAN 1895 Arden Montague
JAN 1897 Katie Montague
21 JAN 1620 Adam Mott
7 JAN 1839 Mary Potter
5 JAN 1880 Clarence E Predmore
14 JAN 1759 Ann Schooley
JAN 1898 Gilbert Snook
14 JAN 1851 Howard P Snook
1 JAN 1891 Sarah A Snook
22 JAN 1604 Timothy Stanley
JAN 1634 Timothy Stanley
23 JAN 1679 Daniel Tuthill
19 JAN 1661 Elizabeth Tuthill
16 JAN 1778 Jeremiah Tuttle
15 JAN 1871 Rutherford Tuttle
6 JAN 1730 Eunice Talcott Wadsworth
2 JAN 1794 Osmond Wells

***If I missed any or if any are incorrect please let me know and I will update my records! Thanks!

Tombstone Tuesday: Martha Pitkin Welles 1692-1763

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's time for Tombstone Tuesday!  

I went to my awesome friend Jacque again to choose which family member I would focus on this week.  
Her pick for this week? 756.

Martha Pitkin Welles, my husband's 8X Great Grandmother.  She is actually the mother of one of the Patriots in the Revolutionary War, William Welles.  I haven't completed proven that line but it is currently in process.  

Photo Credit: the moo
Photo Credit: the moo

Martha Welles nee Pitkin
b:  28 FEB 1692 Hartford, CT
d:  4 JUL 1763 Glastonbury, CT

Thomas Welles
b:  14 FEB 1692 Glastonbury, CT
d:  14 MAY 1767 Glastonbury, CT

Buried in Green Cemetery in Glastonbury, CT

Martha and Thomas were married in 1715 in Hartford, CT.  Together they had 10 children;  Ruth, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth, William, Martha, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, and William, my husband's 7x Great Grandfather.

2017: Genealogy Goals & Focus

Monday, January 2, 2017

I mentioned on my blog Love, Faith, and Coffee that my 2017 Word of the Year is Focus.   And that word will be carried over into my genealogy research.  

Goals for 2017
  • Clean up trees  (citations, duplicates, etc)
  • Medical Family Tree
  • Ask extended family members for pictures 
  • Plan a trip to photograph missing gravestones
  • Plan a trip to NJ archives
  • Keep up with birthdays

What are your goals for 2017?

RECIPE: Grandmother Snook's Apple Walnut Cake

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mildred Snook (nee Swezy) is my grandmother on my dad's side.  She was born 1919 and died young at the age of 43 in 1953.    About 6 years ago in 2010 I received a letter from my cousin (actually first cousin once removed) who enclosed a few old family recipes.  Sometime after that I had misplaced the letter, I was devastated.  Even after moving from our old condo into the new house, I still could not find them.  Making up the spare room this past July I moved an old photo album and they fell out!  I was so excited!   I showed my father the Apple Walnut Cake recipe the following week.  He hadn't had that cake since he was about 12 years old.  It was a cake that she was known for.  I knew I was going to have to make it soon.
My grandparents Edward & Mildred (Swezy) Snook
My Grandmother Mildred Snook (Swezy)

This past weekend I finally made it!  I called my dad to check on a few things hoping he would remember, like how big were the chopped apples and what kind of pan did he remember her using.   Once it came out of the oven, I sent a picture to him and it let me know that it was just as he remembered.  Success!  The house smelled wonderful and my husband and daughter both agreed, it was delicious.  

  My father also said that the walnuts came from an English Walnut tree they had on their property.  It was the only in in Vernon.  Unfortunately that tree is no  longer here, it was in 1967 cut down to make room for the now Minerals Spa.  At that time it was 5ft in diameter.

I've included the recipe in my post.  If you plan on using it, I only ask that you please credit me & my blog in anything you post.  Thanks so much!