Genealogical Gems: Hiding in Plain Sight

Sunday, November 12, 2017

picture originally found on for the conference.  
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 I attended my first Genealogy conference a few weeks ago here in Virginia.  My family and I were at the local library when I noticed a poster for the poster for the VGS annual conference, Genealogical Gems:  Hiding in Plain Sight.  I don't normally get to spend a day on myself so I jumped at the opportunity to attend!  I figured why not?  It was practically in my backyard.

I spent the day on Track 2 which featured Sharon Cook MacInnes, PhD, CG from Her presentations included:
  • Researching State Land Records for the 20 State-Land States: Deeds & Tax Records
  • Researching Federal Land Records for the 30 Federal-Land States, Including Military Grants.
  • Getting the Most Out of Ancestry.
  • Using the FAN Club to Tear Down Brick Walls.
Now I have to say, I thought I had done pretty well following my family history in New Jersey.  There were some ancestors who I thought I had "finished" (finished as I thought I would ever get with them ;) ) and boy was I wrong!  Now granted it will be a bit before I can get up to the NJ archives to start digging again, however, I'm excited to make another trip up to Jersey to tackle more land records!   
In the meantime, I will be searching Virginia land grants.  I already found the original land grant for my neighborhood!  It's so neat to see the land exchange hands between the crown and the original owners.  Plus I now know how some roads got its name.

Stay tuned for what I find thanks to my new found knowledge!  

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Sunday morning grave hunting

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My daughter and I went out on Sunday morning to do some grave hunting.  We had a very successful hunt.  To find out about the graves we documented you can go to my Find a Grave profile!  If you are also on Find a Grave, feel free to add me as a friend :)

With my arsenal of brushes, water, etc in my trunk we set out to clean off some graves that needed a good weeding. Soon I will be placing an order for biological cleaner made for gravestones soon so we can head out to some abandoned cemeteries next and start cleaning up the historical sites.  I explained to her that because I can't get home to take care of my family's stones, I like to help out where I can and it makes me feel like I'm helping keep their memories alive.  Though I will be heading up to NJ soon to give my mom & grandparents some care & cleaning.

On our way out of the cemetery my daughter took these pictures.  Maybe I have a budding grave hunter on my hands??

Mystery Solved! Hunt Family

Sunday, April 16, 2017

One of my roadblocks that has been on my radar for a while was which Hunt son is the father of Florence L Hunt and husband to Della Burke?  This one is proving to be difficult.  However talking to one of my husband's cousins turned out to be a very fruitful conversation!  In a box of costume jewelry she received when their grandmother passed away was their great grandfather's dog tags!   That man is....


My missing person!

I was so happy to finally have proof of who it was.  I thought it was him and didn't have any real proof.  I have a list of vital records to purchase and on that list were some for him and while I will still order them for now I have a picture of his dog tags!

Do you have any roadblocks?  Have you solved a mystery recently?

Wordless Wednesday: 3/29/2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Front row:  George W. Barker & wife Frances and thier six children: Laura & Ella at parents' sides
Top Row: Dora, Charlie, Grace, Matie.
Rachel "Frances" Barker (Moody) is my Husband's 4x Gr Grand Aunt.  

Tombstone Tuesday: Morris D. Babcock 1904-1971

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This week for Tombstone Tuesday I had my daughter's friend help me choose an ancestor to post.   She choose #64.

Morris D. Babcock, my 2x Great Uncle on my mother's side.  Son of William Babcock and Adeline Williams.  Morris was 1 of 4 children.  His siblings were Herbert, Wilbur, and Lela Mae, my Great Grandmother who my daughter shares the same middle name.  He is buried in the VanBlarcom -Babcock plot.

Morris D Babcock
b: 25 JUNE 1904 
d: 9 OCT 1971

Clarence Van Blarcom (Gr Grandfather)
b: 26 SEP 1894
d: 15 AUG 1983

Lela M VanBlarcom nee Babcock (Gr Grandmother)
b: 10 AUG 1889
d: 1 APR 1983

William Babcock (Gr Gr Grandfather)
b:  22 APR 1870
d:  1 DEC 1941

Addie Babcock nee Williams (Gr Gr Grandmother)
b:  24 AUG 1872
d:  21 FEB 1952

Herbert Babcock (Gr Gr Uncle)
b:  14 JUN 1892
d:  DEC 1958

Buried in North Hardyston Cemetery,  Hamburg, New Jersey