Current Roadblocks

Kemple Roadblocks
  • Which Hunt son is the father of Florence L Hunt and husband to Della Burke?  This one is proving to be difficult.
  • Who are William H Kemple's Parents?  I have some leads but nothing is coming up definite.

    Sammis Roadblocks
    •  What really happened to Stella Carr?  The family has kept this quiet and now there isn't anyone left to shed light on the story. 

    Snook Roadblocks
    • Who is Peter Snook?  I have zero information regarding who Peter is except he was born around 1770s, married to Elizabeth Simmons and has a son Philip.  

    Mystery Solved!

    • Who is Eva?  She is my husband's Gr-Grandmother.  m. William H. Kemple  d. 21 Jan 1971 and possibly immigrated in 1912 from Russia.  -   Yeva Kominar!!   See The Missing Yeva blog post!