The Missing Eva!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

On my roadblocks page I mentioned that I've been searching for Eva Kemple.  This has been bugging me for a while even though I stopped searching for her.  She was always in the back of my mind. 


Two days ago the missing Eva showed up! 

On all of the records that I have come across, the name Eva Kemple was mentioned repeatedly.  It wasn't until I saw the name YEVA when the lightbulb went off in my head.  Of course it was Yeva!  My husband even has a cousin named Yeva.  A simple change in the name and a whole new world opened up for me.  My plan for going to bed early that night was quickly changed into an all night cram session in search of information on Yeva Kominar. 

Once I organize the new information I have, I'll prepare a proper blog post in regards to my husband's family.  I was just too excited to wait to post my missing puzzle piece! 

Happy 4th everyone!


TCasteel said...

It's a good feeling to know you're on the right track! Welcome to the geneabloggers community.

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