Using Excel as a family tree program.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Has anyone ever used a simple excel spreadsheet to organize your genealogy information?  I purchased Family Tree Maker and it's not loading on my computer.  I'm getting error after error. 


Tonia said...

I would try one of the free genealogy programs, rather than trying to use Excel. RootsMagic and Legacy both have free versions and there are others, also. The genealogy programs will all let you export in gedcom format, so that you can import into other genealogy programs, if you decide to switch software. With Excel, you'd have to start over from scratch.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tonia. Try a different programme so that you export your work if you later decide to get a more sophisticated one. Some of the free downloads are good

Debra Dalgleish said...

Excel only calculates dates starting at Jan 1 1900, so that could cause some problems for you. You'll probably want to include birth dates earlier than that.

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