Tombstone Tuesday: Van Gelder/Roleson

Thursday, July 21, 2016

This is the Thursday edition of Tombstone Tuesday.   I wanted to post one today even though I am not following my "planned" days.   

This morning I asked my friend Jacque for a number between 1-1,020.  1,020 being the amount of ancestors in my Snook\Kemple tree on ancestry.   

Her pick?  742

Great, a person who I haven't actually done any work with aside from entering her into my tree a while back.   However a quick search on and I came across Susan, Peter, and Ida!  My 3x Great Grandparents & 3xGreat Aunt!  
Photo Credit: Dave
Photo Credit: Dave
Photo Credit: Dave

Peter Van Gelder (3x Great Grandfather)
b:  1821
d:  1884

Susanna Van Gelder nee Roleson (3x Great Grandmother)
b:  1814
d:  1884

Ida Van Gelder (3x Great Aunt)
b:  1858
d:  1883

Buried in Amity Cemetery in Warwick, NY

Peter and Susanna lived in Vernon, NJ around 1850 and moved to Warwick NY soon after and stayed there until death.  Together they had 3 children;  Ida (1858), Martha (1854), and Theodore (1848) my 2x Great Grandfather.  

Thanks again Jacque for helping me add to my family tree!!  What a great find!


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