A Letter from Mary Lou

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mary Lou Garlinghouse nee Parker wrote my Aunt a letter when we were asking for family recipes.  I'm so happy to have this to pass on.

Dear Joyce,
     Hi, Good to hear from you.  I'm doing great! I found some recipes in the First Methodist Church Cookbook, I tried to find your Grandmother Snook's nut cake , she made it for every occasion; but couldn't locate it.
     I doubt if you remember but your mom did not have a big food budget but she had milk and eggs - so she made puddings/custards, pies, etc. Your grandparents and father would go and pick cherries and your mom would have them pit them.  We would sit outside the kitchen door on the stone porche under a shady tree and pit cherries.  She canned or froze them with green beans, corn - your mom could stretch the food momey.  There were also chickens and beef in season.  The apple walnut cake as something like applesauce cake.  I remember it as being delicious!
     Your mom sold eggs but the cracked ones are what she used in her own cooking.  You have to crack an egg to use it so those were great.

Hope you can use these recipes.



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